Q? How does the process get started?

Ans. Contact Acclaim Health Services.  We will send out our Client Advocate to gather information, to also interview the client.  We would prefer that family members be present in this interview.  We can accommodate nights and weekends for these interviews due to many family members working during the week.

Q? How long does the process take?

Ans. The process takes a minimum of 1-2 months depending on whether the client is already active in the Adult Medicaid Program with the State of Texas known as MEPD. (Medicaid for the Elderly and People with Disabilities)

Q? What are the requirements?

Ans. For Provider Services, the 3 requirements are:

  • Must have Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Must be below an income limit.
  • Must be below a resource limit.
  • Must have a functional need.

Q? What Insurances does Acclaim Health accept?

Ans. Acclaim Health Services accepts the following Insurances for Provider Services:

  • Traditional Medicaid
  • Superior Health Plan
  • HealthSpring
  • Molina

For Star Kids:

  • Superior Health Plan
  • Driscoll
  • United

Q? Do you offer Private Pay Services?

Ans. Yes.  For more info on this, please contact our Client Advocate Wally Cisneros at (956) 572-3570.

Q? What is MERP?

Ans. Medicaid Estate Recovery Program.  This is the program that can recoup the property to pay back Medicaid when you die.

Q? Is there a way to protect the property from MERP?

Ans. Yes.  There are primary exemptions, hardship exemptions, and a new resource implemented Sept, 01, 2015 by the State of Texas.  For more info contact our Client Advocate Wally Cisneros at (956) 572-3570.


For more info please contact our Client Advocate Wally Cisneros at (956) 572-3570.


If there are any other questions you may have pertaining to the different types of care we provide, please click on the button down below to send us an email.